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Small Size Box Camera, Analog

Knowing it's an IP site, I still like to give it a shot.

I've got a special case where we like to make our camera housing as small as possible.
Now we've used some small sized camera's in the past such as those from Watec.

However, all these camera's have a simple jack plug for the power supply. This can't really work in our application, due to the fact that they need to be able to move the camera's around to different locations (hence why we want to make them smaller/lighter).

Any of you know any good brands/products fitting this profile? I've seen some of Sony which looked promising, but they're all Black/White. And we're currently using normal box camera's, and going back to B/W when they already have Color is usually a step which isn't appreciated.

So if you have any suggestions, I'll be grateful!

The Vitek VTC-C770DS is your best bet, I think. Reliable, good in low light, good colors, and dirt cheap.

Agreed. We were buying inMotion in11S4N2D box cameras because their picture was a bit better than the Viteks but since they were discontinued in favor of their in11S9N2D 960H camera, which comes with a hefty price increase, we are switching to the Viteks.

I thought inMotion was going to keep importing them as long as you placed substantial orders, did they renege? Maybe with somebody else ordering it... You know what they say "Two squeaky wheels are better than one..."

You're correct. At least as of ISC West, their offer was still on the table. We did order one last batch of 100 but we don't want to stock that many analog box cameras or suffer nearly 3 month lead times in the future. Besides, the superior picture quality is lost once the video is fed to our encoders. At that point, there is no perceivable difference between the inMotion cameras and the Viteks.

That's exactly what we're looking for. Cheers Ari!