Small Portable Monitor For Demo Kit?

I'm looking for a pretty darn small computer monitor to use for my demo kit. I'm a big fan of staying as mobile as possible, so the case I'm looking at is carry-on size. I want to put a small monitor in there, something like 7 or 8 inches. Needs HDMI or VGA, can't be USB only due to NVR compatibility. Any recommendations?

Not sure but an HP Stream might be an option. I picked up one at Office Depot for $79. It's a touch screen tablet running Windows 8.1

You can get a USB mini Ethernet adapter and it will plug into a hardwired switch. Can also use a bluetooth mouse keyboard.

Sample link on Amazon: CLICK

Haven't tried any of them.




This one here is a 7" monitor with HDMI and VGA. Currently $160 at your favorite photography store.

Most of these have a low native resolution, making it hard to read text or see the true quality/resolution of the product.

Also, some are 12v. Make sure they have a 120v adapter included.

Good point. The Delvcam I recommended includes a power supply, but a native resolution of 800x480- good enough for text and programming but maybe not great for demoing HD surveillance video.

The Liliput recommended by Shawn has a resolution of 1280x800, which is better but still not great. It runs off a rechargeable battery. Your favorite camera store sells it for about $250.

1920x1080 monitors in that size should run you about $360 or so.

I'm OK with less than amazing resolution - I can show video on my laptop if they want to see that. I really need this to demo the NVR itself.

$400 TVI test monitor might meet your needs. I purchased mine from LTS and it works well and has a lot of flexibility on uses.

Something like this will give you true FHD images for a few hundred $. I fancy trying one of these myself. Battery powered, HDMI pass-through and video storage capability.

If video production pros use them then surely they can run rings around the crap the CCTV industry accepts ;)

Marshall Electronics has a pretty wide range of small monitors, some models up to full 1920 X 1080 resolution.