Small PoE Switch With 802.3AF Mode A Poe.

I need a small switch for my demo kit, but it needs to support 802.3AF Mode A. Mode A sends power down the data wires, Mode B sends it down the unused wires. This comes in to play when you're trying to power an M12 PoE camera with an RJ45 to M12 converter. Any advice?

AFAIK, pretty much every 802.3af switch, (not midspan, or injector), uses Mode A these days.*

Is there a particular switch you had in mind?

*edit - added some extra hedging with these days

So far, the two I've bought (Ubiquiti and some doohickey at Altex) don't work. I've heard that Netgear works, but I chatted with Netgear, and they said everything is Mode B. Dell has one, but it's $200 for an 8 Port. I emailed EnGenious, DLink, and CDW, but no one has given me anything super definitive. Linksys said no.

Ubiquiti has a bunch of 24 v passive, mode b models, like the tough switch. But they shouldn't say 802.3af. They also have their Edge switch which can be configured for either af mode a or passive mode b.

I think that whoever you talked to at Netgear might be confused. They also have some backwards documentation on POE, like this one that reverses mode a and b, beware...

EdgeSwitch looks nice, but not real portable. I'm thinking I'll roll the dice on Netgear. I had luck with them back in the day.

Here's my Netgear fs108p hooked up to a Poe tester, showing that the Poe is on 1,2,3,6, mode a.

This is some awsome IPVM citizenship. Thanks!

Not cheap, but the datasheet for this unit specifically lists that it does Mode A power.

Check these out...Not cheap But you wont have the problems with these that hte UBNT Switches can have...