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Small Outdoor Dome Camera With WDR For Home


I just had a break in yesterday, and was wondering what options are available for my specific application. I have a bungalow house in the wood (lost of trees with shades). At night it is pitch black unless there is moon light, especially in the winter with snow. Anyhow, I have motion detectors at the front and back yards with many lights coming on. I'm sure I want IR.

Any suggestion for a low light dome camera for outdoor use?



Does it have to be a dome? Because the Samsung SNO-6011R is a pretty nice bullet camera that's fairly inexpensive.

If it's got to be a dome, look at the ACTi E81.

To clarify, you want WDR or low light or both?

Price range? Under $300? under $500? under $700?

Both, under $500, if possible! Bullets are acceptable, but would prefer vandal-proof domes.

Both. Under $500, if possible! Bullets are acceptable.

I can't recall the model, but the nuvico bullets are pretty good.

Can the Dahua bullet cameras be mounted on a soffit, or only on walls?

Has anyone tried the Avigilon 1MP micro HD dome camera?

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undisclosed (#0318412) integrator... today at our office we just made some additions to our surveillance system using some of the cameras listed above... we installed (indoor) a avigilon 1.0-H3M-DO1 (micro dome), a (indoor) dahua ipc-hdw4100s and (outside) a dahua ipc-hfw4100s... didn't get to spend a lot of time comparing or configuring images hope to get to do more this weekend or monday, i will let you know...

There's a long discussion about the microdome here.

Why would you want WDR for an IR camera capturing images in no/low light at night?