SIW Blasted For Boston Marathon Interview

While SIW has primarily been republishing AP reports on the Boston bombings, they had an original interview with the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security. It appears to be a softball Q&A, with a commenter blasting it:

"The person interviewed for this article has absolutely zero insight or experience regarding security for major events. His role, at best, is a limited perspective from the extreme outer perimeter of major events with no actual hands-on participation. The comments are indicative of his lack of knowledge of the subject matter. He offers superficial recommendations and attempts to "grade" response protocols when he has neither the credentials, training or experience to offer any valid evaluation. The only "Frontline" this guy has ever seen , is the frontline of a casino buffet. There are plenty of experienced experts for your magazine to interview who could provide insightful comments regarding major event security."

Take a look at the article and share any thoughts.

That burn was so strong and personal, I can't help but think there is some personal animosity at play here. The 'buffet' crack amost made me slam down my laptop lid and back away.

The SIW piece was pure fluff, like it always is, so no surprises there. The answer he gives about the importance of cell phones and social media in the response phase seems carelessly prefabricated, since cell phone service was completely disrupted during the aftermath of the Marathon bombs.

I asked Carlton to contact the commenter, who evidently is an expert is his own right, to see what insights he has on securing such events.

Well let's see...

He [Jim McGee, the person who criticized the article] was a wildlands firefighter with the U.S. Forest Service, then a deputy sheriff in Ventura County, California before becoming an FBI special agent and then joining their Hostage Rescue Team. After retiring from the FBI, he has done gigs in hostage rescue organizations and is now associated with Phase Line Green, Phase Line Green

Carl, Good find on Jim McGee.

I found a biography on Lou Marciani, the interviewee and head of the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security:

"His background includes an extensive career in sport administration serving as athletic director at several universities and executive director of several national sports governing bodies. He served as athletic director at Western Kentucky University, Drexel University, East Stroudsburg University and Salisbury University. He held positions within the United States Olympic Committee, serving as executive director for two sport governing bodies."

I found one listing from 2003 saying he was the "Director of the United States Roller Sports Federation" at that time. He started that in 2000, says another article that mentions his doctorate is in education. Roller skating, anti-terrorism, pretty close, eh? ;)

"Roller skating, anti-terrorism, pretty close, eh? ;)"

Closer than you think. Ever seen Roller Derby?

Another SIW commenter criticizes the interview:

"This individual is not qualified, has no expertise and knowledge of value to impart to serious professionals in regard to substantive methods and operations to secure major events such as the Boston Marathon. This topic needs to be addressed by serious people with serious skills and experience. This individual has none of these capabilities."