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Single IP Avis Cam Streaming To Website

Hi Folks,

Our specialty is construction progress documentation with time lapse photos every 15 minutes ftp'd to our server. Our clients can then view and downlaod the jpeg photos on our website (

One of our clients wants to add streaming video from the Axis P 1357 E that we sold them and we're not excatly sure how to go about this. Does anybody have any recomendations that would make it easy for us to do this? Ideally the streaming window would open as a frame in our websiite.

What is the industry standard for streaming video window size? We're cellular based so we need to be cognizant of usage.

What about recording video? What if the clients wants a remote dvr that loop records for a week??


Hello John:

I have a few questions for you:

1) Do you have a sense of the cellular bandwidth available for supporting live view streams?

2) The P1357 is a multistreaming camera, and it probably will need a 'stream' setup for full resolution, low framerate (timelapse) and then a lower resolution, higher framerate stream setup for live video. Does that make sense?

There are a number of html scripts that can be used to pull Axis video streams into websites. (Also: see the Axis Windows Development API) However, I'm way outside my wheelhouse recommending the right way for your service to add this, and not all methods may work with your current firmware versions or be supported by Axis. Hopefully someone else can help on this point.

Also the P1357 supports SD storage on the camera itself. The camera can be configured to write video locally to the card (ie: motion events, etc) and then played back from the camera interface.

Does that help?

I'm data pooled with multiple cams so we probably have 30-40 GB per month available and I can always increase if needed. I can log in and see the H264 very well.

Yes, we have it setup that way now but I'm not sure how to get the video to go to a website where the viewers can then see it. I could give the users the IP log in info and let them go through the Axis software but that will use too much data.

Cam is already operating in the field without an sd card so I'd have to ship one out, have client open cam and install, etc. Rather not do that though.

Thanks Brian!

See if your Client can afford solution

Hello Alex K:

I believe click2stream is a competitor, not an enhancement, to his offering.

You right

may be He can arrange acc with them and charge for services

for him to decide I guess

Have a look at

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