SIA New Products 2015 List

List of 96 new product entries for ISC West 2015.

What do you think? Anything particularly interesting?

Most surprising submission - an integrator backpack...

I'm excited about Honeywell's new cable boxes, assuming it actually works. I once worked for a trunkslammer so miserly price conscious that he had me detangle and respool tangled cable boxes. He also kept a selection of rolls of scrap wire and demanded we attempt to reuse it when possible. And who do you think rolled up the scrap wire for later reuse? That's right, me.

I'm pretty sure every integrator keeps unnecessarily large stockpiles of short spools which just collect dust, from trunkslammer to national.

I'm not sure why this is "new", though... we talked about these spools before.

Or this Magic Cable Box in 2013...

I'd forgotten about that one.

I'm hoping the Knightscope K5 and Vigilus robot will battle it out.