Should You Try To Hire Your Steady Subs?

Let's say things are going good for your one-man cctv show. Modest sales efforts have resulted in decent size order backlog. You have easy access to solid credit and smooth supply chain facilities.

Focusing on only select product lines have led to increasingly streamlined installs and reduced labor costs.

But one thing is bugging you... Your subs. The work has gotten steady enough that they are working primarily for you day-in, day-out. Almost like employees, yet compensated at their spot market payscale.

At what point should you try to hire them, if at all? If they resist should you 'furlough' them a bit, just to remind them of the importance of finding work every day?

Is there a fair or typical percentage used from to get from their sub-hourly rate to a acceptable 40h/wk salary + OT compensation package?

Thanks! (This is a question I'm relaying from a non-member)