Should We All Stop Using Ubiquiti Now?

Ubiquiti recently has had a firmware exploit notice that some of their older (now patched) versions allowed certain access without credentials.

Should we all quit using Ubiquiti products because of this? What if they add a hacking deniability clause? They aren't owned by the Chinese, but surely are made there.

(This is a tongue in cheek poke at the Hik article of the same nature.)

If a networking appliance manufacturer added a clause in their T&C saying NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HACKING LOL then, yes, by all means, dump them. Especially if they have been hacked over and over and over in the past. Especially if some of those hacks have originated from dumb and sloppy workmanship and corner-cutting.

Since this is clearly not the case here, I think Ubiquity is still a safe buy. You know the old expression, fool me once, shame on you, fool me like eight or nine times, shame on... I forget how it ends.

"There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."

that would just be one more reason I wouldnt use them on top of the many I dont now

Even if the exploit was found quickly and patched? I don't know of many companies that haven't done the same. Can you tell me what established companies you know of that have never needed to patch their products for security reasons?

Ubiquiti has numerous issues mostly of non conformist to industry standards of why I dont use them but they offer those cameras as another way to make more money off of you. dont get me wrong i love their wireless equipment, its awesome, but they do networking equipment as bread and butter security is something they do as a hobby as far as I am concerned.

and I cant use something like that no more than I can use Commiecams either........

Oh I agree the UBNT cameras suck. We use mostly everything else. They still aren't really an enterprise level product, but most of our clients would be fine using their network products. We have one client that thinks they need more than four SSIDs, which Unifi doesn't currently support.

they offer those cameras as another way to make more money off of you

As opposed to all other manufacturers, who expand their product lines purely as a public service.

hmmm, maybe we should if someone finds a bitcoin miner running on their switch... or if ubiquiti propagates the installation of a trojan... or maybe if ubiquiti starts selling a $75 400W 24 port PoE switch direct while doing all of the above.

Who else sells a $75 400W 24 port PoE switch direct?

If that was a dig at Hik selling cheap cams, you must not be aware that Ubiquiti sells even cheaper cams.

its not a big, its a comparison. Ubiquiti is not a serious security manufacturer. comparing their cameras is irrelevant. but putting their switches into perspective price wise with Hik, is relevant. regardless of pricing, the rest of my statement goes unchallenged... ;)

atleast for the next few minutes, LOL.

I agree that they aren't a real contender in the security camera market, but when you compare apples to oranges (cameras to switches), especially when both companies make apples (cameras), it diminishes your point.

In fact, it was announced recently that Hik has their own line of PoE switches that seem to be very expensive! So you have two manufacturers who both make apples and oranges, and both sell their apples cheap, but only one sells their oranges at a higher price.

You picked a really bad analogy.

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I had a reply ready and then network went down and lost connection, but basically it boiled down to something something something, cant be a rockstar every day, something something.

Had no idea hik was making switches now. My main concern is their obvious goal to drop the bottom out of the industry and thin the herd so to speak. the whole communist shareholder things is just icing on the cake to me. I want a healthy industry that is profitable and able to innovate and provide excellent service where the return is worthwhile for great minds to invest their time and big wallets to invest their money in moving it forward. I see Hik as attacking that with their scorched earth-security be damned pricing model,

also, not I on the unhelpful, not that it matters much.

Great thought Jon. I use Ubiquiti all the time without issues and have NO PLANS to cease using it no matter who makes it. Similar to the HikVision issues discussed before, the experience and knowledge of the company installing the components makes a world of difference AND following that the ability of the network professional in designing the system it 'could' reside on is paramount.

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