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Connecting VMS Servers To The Internet? IT Threat?

At one of our facilities, the IT Admins are giving the Security Admins alot of heat for putting the VMS Servers on the internet. They claim that we are inviting potential threats or attacks on the network. What are the best practiced for this?

Well that should be simple. Just have them configure their ASA to only allow connections outbound to the microsoft update servers and whatever update servers you need. Cisco ASA makes that easy.

Forgot to mention that all these servers are behind CISCO ASA Firewalls.

Jason - yes, VPN is something we are using. Thank you.

John - We have church type facilities (Hindu Faith Based Organization). We had them connected to perform Windows Updates and Software Updates on the servers.

KV - What type of facility? For critical infrastructure locations such as an airport or utility plants, it's generally not a good idea.

Why are you connecting the VMS to the internet, for remote access?

Have them configure a VPN into the secure surveillance network. There are other things you can do but I would recommend the VPN.