Should IPVM Hire Legal Or Financial Consultants? If So, Who?

Member Mike Monsive has an interesting observation / request:

John Honovich this article points us to an area that your site could make a huge contribution to our industry. It would be great to see some legal experts post regular articles on our industry and things that affect our business everyday. If you could get some information about legal loopholes and one sided indemnifications, etc. it could benefit a lot of subscribers. Also some financial experts would be great. If you could have someone share the importance of knowing your true hourly overhead costs and how to calculate that information for example. Job costing and post mortem analysis would also be beneficial. Honestly, the financial piece is purely dedicated to my quest to never go up against another competitor who quotes $35 a hour labor and single digit margins. The more we educate our industry the stronger we will be.

I see the value in both of those. Curious what others thing?

And, perhaps more importantly, who are the right people for those roles? Any suggestions?

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