Should IPVM Do A Job Board? If So, How Should It Work?

Quite a number of times this year, people have asked about IPVM doing a job board.

The main benefit is that we have a lot of highly qualified people (I mean this both in the sense of people in the industry and people who know what they are doing).

My thinking is that we would offer this for free for both sides. As long as the job poster or job seeker was an IPVM member, they could post at no charge. They could also use our undisclosed feature to reach out to people without identifying who their company or current employer.

My first question / poll is:

The second question is: How should it be done?

To start, I'd certainly like to keep it simple. My idea is to create a dedicate forum where people could post. If people used it, we could add more features like maps / geographic identification, etc.

Then we could promote it on the site, our newsletter, twitter, etc.

So what do you think? Would appreciate feedback.


My suggestion is to make it available to anyone, not just members. I would charge the advertiser but not the job seeker (this will limit postings to serious job prospects). Opening up the feature to everyone will increase the opportunities to everyone in the security community, and have the side effect of picking up some more subscription fees when more people are exposed to the great work that you and your team do for us.

Charging advertisersdoes not fit our business model because it would be rendering a direct service to sellers / manufacturers. Also, if we charge it is going to radically reduce the number of listings posted and force us to do work to make sure the posting fee is worth it.

Betond that, Members benefit from more postings.

I feel a job board would be a great idea, but charging for it would only hinder it from being useful. I think posting positions should only be available to members, but non members should be able to view them and apply to them.

I think it's a great idea. Perhaps ipvm member can post and members could apply or forward to non-members in their network.

i am having multiple openings in my group across USA and that's what prompted me to look up here.

Divide it into two secitions - one for open positions where the applicant could respond directly to the inquiring company and the other section could be a resume' posting board where those looking could put their credentials up

I can see a jobs board as a benefit, even as a CEO. I would worry to some degree, like others that I might lose employees to other opportunities, but that would be my responsiblity #1, and it used properly, even by me, it could be a useful tool.

On a different note, I did sit through a webinar yesterday for platform service. Remote jobs, posted on a common site and freelance technicians respond (or not) that they would like to work that job. It was a new concept for me (I certainly don't know everything about everything) and I could see immediate value. A streamlined way for us to find remote assistance, faster, with reviewable qualificiations as opposed to what we do now (hunt and sniff, references from associates and vendors). Would their be any interest on IPVM's behalf on that type of service? It would be quite an undertaking no doubt, but I would think it would be of great benefit to your members, and a driver for site subscription.


Mark - Based on your description I am guessing you are speaking of platforms like Onforce, Work Market, Beeline, Fieldnation, etc. If so, there are already quite a few competitors out there on the web. However, none that I am aware of target a niche like surveillance/security installation.

Correct John. I looked at Field Nation and only 3% of their total calls in 2014 were CCTV or security related.

Is this still something that IPVM is considering?

It's still in limbo, we are not opposed to doing it but it's not a high priority, mainly because it could be manually time consuming and I am not sure how broad a reach it would get. I am torn about whether to do it or not.

Hi John, I'm assuming this is still in limbo?

If so, wondering if there's an issue with our company posting an EOI or the like to the discussion board for a particular niche role? IPVM potentially provides a ready made and filtered target audience...

Simon, yes, you can post your job on the general discussion group.

Actually, we are planning to do a (simple) job board this year.

I think John’s reluctance to launch a job board is sensible. IPVM is not a large organization, rolling out a job board, and doing it well, will be a resource drain. I am not optimistic that it would be very successful; because I sincerely doubt that the majority of the people that do the hiring are readers of this forum. It is better for IPVM to focus on what makes this our go-to resource. There is no shortage of sites one can go to for good exposure to hiring decision makers.

I would support this, but we are not a typical employer. Several of my employees have company paid accounts to IPVM. We pay a bonus for training and IPVM (and other) certifications. Im not particularly worried about losing an employee, but the upside to finding someone who is more than competent is much higher for me than the risk of losing an employee. I can see where that could be scary for some.