Shotspotter Gets Shot In The Arm In Chicago...

Among some new technological rollouts to fight Chicago's crime problem is an extension to the dubious ShotSpotter:

  • An expansion of ShotSpotter sensors that pick up the sound of gunfire and alert police to its location.
  • Near-ubiquitous coverage of public areas by surveillance cameras.
  • The introduction of predictive policing software that identifies areas most likely to see gun violence.
  • Layering that analysis with another predictive program that identifies people most likely to commit —or be the victims of — gun violence.
  • A "war room"-like office, staffed with analysts who will translate that data for changes to deployments and long-term strategy.


Looks Like The ShotSpotter Really Works... Or Maybe Not

NYC Shotspotter ShotSpots Gunman

ShotSpotter - Has Anyone Had a Positive Experience?

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