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Carjacking / Murder In Mall: Where Is The Surveillance Footage?

NJ article:

"Surveillance video also has not been able to provide investigators with a description of the suspects, officials said Wednesday."

Is this a shortcoming in the mall's security setup or did the event happen in an isolated section of the parking lot? At any rate I find it hard to believe that surveillance video has not been helpful in providing a description of the subjects. Anybody on here have a lot of experience with mall surveillance who cares to comment/provide feedback?

Apparently it has helped somewhat:

A law-enforcement source said the carjackers hadn’t yet been identified, but were believed to be black men in their 20s, based on surveillance video and statements from Jamie.

2 articles with contradictory statements...hmmm

NY Post is the less credible source in my opinion.

Jersey Gardens Mall had this incident just over a month ago: Jersey Gardens Mall Shooting

Seems to me like malls are being targeted and that malls might want to think about improving their parking lot surveillance. You are all probably going to ask me why should the malls spend money on this initiative? Well, the reason is simple: Online shopping. Incidents like this are only going to compel people to shop from the safety of their own home even more so and that is not a positive for them.

Or people will move away from Jersey :)

Is there a sample of the surveillance video in this case? Parking lots can be quite big plus this happened at night, so you have two things working against even 'quality' surveillance video.

There was no sample to my knowledge, but I also did not put a large scale effort into finding footage. In my experience parking lots usuallyt have really bright lights, at least a lot of the malls I have been to do. It's not unfathomable to me that if they had a solid system in place they could have potentially helped the investigation.

What I would like to see is exactly where in the lot it happened. I have yet to see a map of the mall with an X where the murder occurred. Maybe it was out of reach of the cameras?

As for your move out of Jersey comment, one can only hope! We are overpopulated here. Like you feel about manufacturers that won't disclose price I say to them: "Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

"They had no good description of the suspects, and there apparently was no direct video surveillance inside the garage where the shooting took place."

Though in the end surveillence video saves the day?


Sorry Marty, I missed that u had posted the same link... :(

No worries.... :)

My favorite line from that story is right in the beginning where they say the green Suburban was "caught on surveillance video menacingly circling the parking areas of the Mall at Short Hills..."

I'm curious how they differentiated 'menacingly circling' from ordinary, every day parking area circling?

Was the driver scowling and shaking his fist at people he passed while circling?

Did the driver loop a cut of the Jaws intro theme and pipe it to external speakers while circling?

Maybe there is a new menacingly circling analytic I am not aware of?