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Shaky Video From Analog Cameras Sharing A Single Cat5.?

Can anybody tell me why this video is shaking? I have two cameras that are doing the exact same thing, and I know it’s not the wind.

Both cameras are mounted right next to each other, orientated in opposite directions. The cameras are analog Pelco IS-310’s that share a single Cat5e. Each camera has one twisted pair from the cable that has a Pelco TW4001P balun on the other end. The balun then goes into an Axis M7001 Video Encoder.

To trouble shoot the issue I plugged the balun into an analog monitor and had steady video. I tried the other camera and had steady video as well. Once their converted to digital it starts shaking.

I can only assume the issue is related to the fact that both cameras are using a pair of wires from a single Cat5e cable; however, I have a similar set up with the a Pelco IS310 and a Pelco Spectra IV and haven’t had any issues.

Suggestions, ideas?

As long as you have the baluns wired properly, crosstalk wouldn't be my first guess on this. Verify that each balun/camera combo is using a unique wire pair. EG: make sure it's not blue/orange on camera 1, and blue-white/orange-white and camera 2 for example. Camera 1 should use both wires of the blue (or whatever color) pair, camera 2 should use a different wire pair.

I'd check line-sync settings on the Pelco cameras. I've seen them do a similar left/right shake when line sync was set to on, however it was usually a more steady shake (meaning that it was like a metronome cadence).

It may not be the wind, but your cameras are moving. Is there heavy equipment moving inside that building? Near a heavy truck road? Something is moving your cameras.