Setup Motion Recording On DS-2CD2646G1-IZ(S) Setup Help? Different Than Other Cams?

First, I am a bit of a Hik newbie so maybe it is my lack of experience that is the real problem :).

I have the above camera and was pulling my hair out trying to get the motion recording to work. I am used to doing the following:

  1. Event > Basic Event > Enable Motion Detection
  2. Storage > Schedule Settings > Enable, Set to motion, copy to all days.

Done and done.

On this newer EasyIP 4.0 DS-2CD2646G1-IZ(S) camera those steps do not work. I had to do some extra configuration to make motion recording work.

  • System > Maintenance > System Service and under the software section, > Enable Motion Detection first then complete the above steps 1 and 2. I am wondering if anyone else has seen this or if I am loosing my mind..

Is this an added step with these newish cameras?

Camera Firmware - this is a US market camera.

Thanks in advance for any/all help. I hope someone can confirm this is normal and that I am just being paranoid :-).

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