When Entering Site, How Do I Stop CCTV System From Sending Unwanted Alarms?

I need to be able to unset the cctv system before entering the site, the reason is so the monitoring station do not get un wanted alarms. curently we set them using the office intruder alarm, which is fine as we then have an exit timer on the CCTV system. how ever i need to be able to have an entry timer. how does any one else achive this ?

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a 'magic box' solution that works like this. However, many monitoring companies have a process for handling this type of scenario.

Usually the monitoring station can be alerted by calling them beforehand and telling them you need the system in 'test' mode for a period of time.

Is there a reason you can't just call them with instructions to disregard alarms while you're onsite, given you call when you leave to resume normal monitoring?

I may be misunderstanding the question here, as I am no expert on intruder alarms, but it sounds like 1 may be referring when his customer is entering the property, not necessarily himself.

Either way, on my alarm system you can set up your inputs as "Entry" or "Away Entry" devices. This makes them subject to the entry delay time like you would use for the front door:

Does your system allow such a designation?

Apologies to 1 and all if I am misreading the question.

Calling to arm/disarm would work without haveing to add extra hardware. Another option would be to use a wireless keyfob to arm/disarm the system.