Seperating Technical - Help Question From The Polictics Of The Industry?

I personally would like to see IPVM create a separate forum limited to technical questions only. While I enjoy helping others, I also enjoy pulling John's chain, having a separate forum makes a lot of sense.

Great idea but

Tech Forum will die in few weeks :)

U1 is right, a separate tech forum might not fare so well on its own... How about if forum topics just had a prefix indicating what the thread is about? Could maybe have a drop-down to select from a few options when you create a new post, something like...

TECH: Mobotix T24: Support RTSP?

BIZ: What National Integrator Will Only Do Labor, Not Sell Products?

ODD: Office Puts RFID Chip Under Staff Skin

That would make it easier to focus on the type of posts you want to read when skimming the list... maybe even add a filter to the discussion list to include or exclude selected subjects?

I would change "BIZ" and "ODD" to "BS" :)