Sensormatic PTZ Cameras

We have a property that has 6 - 8 of these cameras mounted on poles surrounding the building; they are from the previous owners. They are wired to a telecomm room but of course there are no systems connected to them. If we remove them, it will be years before they would be replaced. Would it be worth having an integrator come in and look at connecting these to one of the VMS's we have access to or have facilities remove them?


Michael, are these Ultras? Analog models? If so, do you know model or series, like Ultra III or IV?

We made Sensormatic Ultras work with Genetec in 2003 so presumably you can do the same now. For example, here's Axis instructions of integrating with Sensormatic Ultras. I would want to verify that it does so with current encoders. Also, budget enough time to integrate PTZ controls as they can be a pain to connect.

Do you have a picture of them or know the model#?

Are they powered on?

Mike emailed me, says they are analog and is checking for model and other information.

They are probably 5, could be 10 years old.

The odds are an integration will work but the image quality will be poor, the PTZ controls will lag and, it will take a fair amount to get encoders and setup PTZ controls; even then the PTZs might fail or have reliability issues (again depending how old and how much use).

It may very well be better than nothing but, at least, I'd set expectations low so the customer does not be dissapointed.

Thanks for the feedback. What I have found out is that these cameras are either speed dome III’s or specter 2’s or 3’s. We have had the property since 2009 so these cameras have been dormant a long time. We will plan to remove these and upgrade to a new soultion in the future.


Good plan. Thanks for the follow up!