Selling IP (Source Code) Of Biometrics Middleware Solution

I am selling the IP (source code) of a biometric middleware solution (Biometric Security Platform Identla) with the opportunity to hire a primary developer of the product. You can find some information and technical details below. For the additional information, please contact me by email

The biometric security platform Identla was created with an idea to make it easier for security system integrators and end users to add and benefit from the facial recognition technology. BSP Identla is a flexible client-server application that is prepared for the integration with a 3rd party software platforms, and its architecture is optimized for the development of end users’ products based on the biometrics data. It is possible to use included Identla applications or access the metadata from your applications by connecting directly to the Identla processing and storage servers. Two main areas of application: real-time and post factum investigations. The Identla covers these areas, and it has vital parts to create subsequent solutions for solving security and business issues like tailgating, counting of unique visitors, detecting strangers on premises, secondary checking for offender detecting.

The product has been used partially in several projects, and it has been deployed directly in several places like stores, gas stations, and offices since Spring 2016.

Here are video samples that demonstrate current functionality and client-side applications interface:

Identla Video Manager

Sample case: identification of suspects over the watch-list

Identla Storage Manager

Sample case: Investigation (when this person was on premises before)

Here is an info-graphic of the product (.pdf):

The fully functional trial version can be downloaded from the

Identla Server-side highlights:

  • Developed as a cross-platform solution. Currently, processing is available as a Windows service. The porting to the target Linux will take less than a month.
  • XML-based communication. REST API (restbed) or/and ProtoBuf can be realized within a week.
  • A full cycle of video processing from getting by RTSP to storing.
  • Flexible structure that can be expanded by adding metadata from other sensors or systems.
  • Can be ported to different hardware platforms including PowerPC
  • Project can be used in a different IDEs (cmake based configuration)
  • MySQL is a platform for a storage
  • It uses the IQrity Deep Learning facial recognition SDK (CUDA&PC) but can be easily integrated with any other facial recognition engine with open API.

The source code includes (without IQrity FR libs):

  • 35к lines of C++ sources (Identla core, plug-in modules and server apps)
  • 7к lines of C++ sources MFC (GUI) (Tool apps for video capturing/streaming and licenses generation)
  • 25к lines of C# sources WPF (GUI) VideoSource manager/Storage manager apps. (note that automatic code generation affects the size of source code in this case)
  • Other open source libs: Boost, FFmpeg, MySql, OpenCV (optional), OpenSSL, LibJPEG, Live555.


  • The solution is proposed by a Canadian company, in a source code form (as is) with all rights on it. Note, some open source libraries (check above) are used, and the IQrity FR SDK is not included. It has to be replaced or be licensed.
  • It is possible to get the attractive licensing conditions on the currently embedded FR engine in case it is needed.
  • The primary developer is available for hiring (remote). (An average US senior developer level of salary is expected)
  • Domain is included.
  • Any offers (cash or mixed) will be considered.
  • The decision will be made until the end of February.
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