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Select A Camera In The Camera Calculator

I am having an issue with the "Select Camera" feature in the camera calculator. When I choose this option and click on drop down button it opens the window but automatically says "No match found". I can insert text in the box but the search feature doesn't work. Am I missing a step? I love this calculator and being able to choose a camera to show how it will work on a general scene or a scene that I can install is powerful. Please let me know what I am not doing correctly. Thanks


We are rolling out a major improvement in selecting cameras this afternoon.

I'll post an update here and you can check it then.

Thanks for the feedback!


Hi Tim,

The new camera selector is live on the Camera Calculator.

Make sure to force a reload of the page to get the updated code.

Let me know if that helps and what you think.


Does this enclude fix for "50mm 60mm / get same anser" bug-err? (yea it gives different anser now, but trustability needs nodding)

Side chooser is better and better, and good looking job to boot!