Seeking Recommendations For A Locking, Weatherproof Enclosure For Smal NVR

I am putting a quote together and working on required materials. The project is small, requiring two cameras watching the entrance/exit however its in the boonies. The problem is that I have nowhere to place the NVR to protect it from the elements so i am looking for recommendations on enclosures that are both lockable and weatherproof.

BTW, my thoughts are to have the cameras on same side of the road, one looking at the exit as the vehicles come to a stop and the other camera looking at the vehicles as they have entered the community to capture type/color of vehicle and if possible, license plate. The HOA has requested a license plate capture type camera for the vehicles exiting. As I am in the early stages of this quote I welcome any and all tips.

In the past, Fibox has been a good choice in my experience. They can be spec'd to lock and for IP66+ ingress protection, and the polycarbonate models stand up to UV exposure well.

The other factor to consider is temperature; both heat and cold. You didn't mention this, and it may not be a big issue, but enclosures generally do not include active cooling or heating.

At that point, something like a Dotworkz housing (that includes room for a small NVR) might be a fit.

Temperature is definitely a concern as is the usual late night target practice so my intent is to camouflage as much as possible. The Fibox looks promising. I'll check it out, thanks.

Another supplier is L-com. They have fiberglass lockable enclosures with AC outlets, aluminum back boards with Din rail connectivity and cooling fans. Here's an example 14x12x7 no fan

18x6 with fan

Well when I have similar setups I use internal flash storage so I dont have to worry about the NVR and what happens to it. Main reason was for parking booths/lots. the booth wouldn't have AC or adequate cooling in the summer time and they would melt and fail.

To get around this I started using a more expensive camera and going straight flash storage. I have several Panasonic WV-SFV631L's each with 256GB internal storage watching the gates and capturing vehicles coming and going. I am sure there are other brands out there that can offer the same thing or something similar. The only thing I would say is if you Need the LPR analytic, I dont know if some of the higher end cameras offer them on the camera end I know Panasonic doesn't. my next guess would be AXIS maybe?

I would say having an point for onsite access in one of these enclosures for servicing would be a good idea though.

This is what I needed! Thanks to all who responded... I knew I could count on you guys.