Security Robots?? Somenone Please Do A Write-Up On The ISC West Demo!

I am sure several of you got the email from Knightscope, and the idea of a security robot is just way too cool to skip.


There's been a security robot at ISC West for a few years now. See our post on Vigilus Robot. Knightscope is a newer competitor with better marketing.

We will check them out at the show but we looked at the fundamentals when they first started to make a noise and it was fairly similar pitch.

I was excited when I first heard about a security robot but once we looked at the logistics and limitations, that subsided.

Will check this out, but not expecting much. I think the first security robot I remember seeing at ISC West was 2009. The concept never seems to catch on.

Btw, for those interested on the financial side of Knightscope, they have raised ~$7m to date and are currently raising $10m on a $45m pre-money valuation. See Knightscope's AngelList page.