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Security Industry Startups To Watch?

I haven't kept up to date with startups and I know John keeps his eyes open for any worthwhile ones. Thanks for the feedback!

[Updated September 7th with 5 new startups added at the bottom.]

Good question. I think it's worth putting together a list. Here's some that I can think of, off the top of mind (listed alpahbetically).

Share others and I will add to this list. Try to limit to companies launched in 2010 or later and please share a few words about what it does.

My name is Brian Krause, I'm the Sales Director for another startup that may be of interest. My company, ELERTS has developed mobile/cloud software that lets you better manage your camera network by knowing 'where to look' when an employee indicates something is happening via their smartphone. We work with many of the industry-leading VMS providers, and can provide every security team with an innovative way to improve their security plan and better leverage their infrastructure investments.

Brian, I started a new discussion on 'Tracking People On Camera Via Smarphones?' to discuss your offering.

Others with startup recommendations, feel free to leave, make sure to disclose any affiliation.

Btw, is this it? Are there really no other startups to recommend? What kind of industry is this?

One in need of an early years Steve jobs or even a Bill Gates.

We're trying Luis...

Hey look! A vending machine that cuts mechanical keys! Gather your children to watch the spectacle.

In other news: security innovation is stale?

Innovation in the security industry seems to lag behind many other industries. This is a pretty weak list of startups I must admit. I was hoping to learn of more new and exciting companies. I was going to list IPVM as a startup but it started before 2010 :(

Michael, check out Lockitron - maybe the most interesting startup in access control (and the only one).

A few new ones to add:

  • Aqueti - Gigapixel surveillance camera
  • Unikey - Featured on Shark Tank, going after residential access control
  • Amulyte - A VC Funded company, going after PERS / elderly market
  • Canary - Raised over $1 million to build an all in one security/surveillance appliance
  • Charmed / Pixi - smart camera module
  • Wireless Spray Paint - just kidding :)

Let's keep this list alive with new companies.

Whatever happened to that company that was going to revolutionize people detection via microwave through walls. They linked together wirelesslly and plugged into wall outlets. I don't remember the name offhand.

Xandem. I forgot about them. Good call. I don't know where they are at now but Brian should.

Hello Luis:

You might be talking about Xandem. We included them on our 2012 list, but as far as 'new' developments, the company is still trying to break into the intrusion market. When I spoke to them last, they were working on partnering with a distributor and re-engineering the battery packs for the portable versions of their sensors.

Yes, that was it. I had signed up for the chance to be one of their "test sites", but guess I didn't make the selection.