Security Camera Service And Maintenance Programs

I'm new to this community and would like some input from other professionals in the industry.

I have been tasked with developing a surveillance camera service and maintenance program for our clients.

My thoughts on this project is to tier the program into a sliver, gold, plat etc. However, I'd like to know if anyone is currently utilizing this method? How's is it working for your company? Is a blanket plan better? What have you seen that works better? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

First of all, forgive my late response to your inquiry. But I would begin by asking you what do your customers need, want and expect? Whatever business model you select, Platinum, Gold or Silver, you must envelop your customer's needs first and foremost. Personally I think the industry just throws "service" at the customer with very little regard for true value. And too many calculate the price to the customer as some percentage of some value. But that's just me waxing poetic about service. Feel free to write me directly at I can give you some specifics.