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Security Camera 'Selfie' Goes Viral, But Is It Fake?

I don't know where this original photo came from, but it's gone viral in the last 24 hours on both twitter and tumblr with most tweets looking something like this:

That tweet has more that 4,500 retweets. This is the original photo making the rounds (the camera isn't even connected to anything):

What the....

I am dumfounded that this has gone viral. Didn't realize regular people cared about security cameras.

People care, deeply and passionately, about funny pictures. It's what makes the Internet go round.

Too bad this one isn't one of them...

I am dumbfounded that people think that the dome took the picture... photoshop layering and a little time...

It's hard to tell at the provided image resolution... but it looks to me like the camera is even aiming the wrong way, nevermind not being connected to anything.

Note what looks like the ring of IR LEDs to the left, and the lens pointing way off to his right.

The perspective is intriguing.

Based on the size of the tiles getting larger as you go left, as well as them coming out of focus, my guess would be

1. Subject standing straight on in front of the mirror.

2. Real camera is to the left angled towards the mirror.

Ring could be integrated ir as matt suggests (its in alignment with the logo), although the strip in the middle also looks like a tilt adjustment notch...

Logo is probably 5 or 6 glyphs with majuscule descender in the first and mini in the last.

Wait, looking closely in the reflection of his eyes reveals that this is not a 34MP camera ;)