SD Analog Is Dead, Even At Costco

Everything is now HD, even for the least expensive consumer surveillance kits found at Costco.

Take a look at this graphic / metric from Costco:

Notice, there's only 1 out 24 options available that are NOT HD and that half of the kits offered are now HD analog, a format that just 2 years ago did not even exist.

Quite a sign of the changes in the industry.

Your thoughts?

Agreed John. It is dying right in front of your eyes.

Yours too!

I hope this helps to show industry people how rapidly HD analog has gained. 1080p is the norm for Costco surveillance kits and IP is losing that race to HD analog.

...1080p is the norm for Costco surveillance kits and IP is losing that race to HD analog.

HD Analog just gets them into the MegaPixel Race, but they'll never 'win' it without IP.

And, looked at from a PPP standpoint, those 4MP Hiks coming in around 300 pixels per penny are pretty competitive, no?

What's the best price on TVI/CVI 1080p?

About $100 for TVI with remote zoom and focus

Btw, as a point of clarification, professional SD analog sales are likely to continue longer, at much reduced rates, mainly because there are many legacy systems that people will want to maintain (replace dead cameras, add one or two cameras here or there, etc.).

I'm waiting for one of these HD-analog camera companies to make a unit with a switchable SD/HDA output. Market the cameras as "HighDef ready" or something like that. When the user wants higher resolution, they just replace their DVR(s) and flip the switches. Could be a good way to trojan horse your HDA technology into the market.

I have it on pretty good authority it is already here.

I maybe understanding you wrong, but there are a lot of TVI cameras that have both a TVI output and SD. We’ve actually installed a few cameras like this in the hopes of upgrading their DVR down the road. We of course let our customers know what we’re doing.

John- you are correct. There are series which have dual output (1080p TVI / CVBS) and others that are selectable output (720p TVI or CVBS)

Bob (from Hikvision)

Bob, do all Hikvision TVI cameras have those options? Which series are dual and which ones are selectable?

John- C5 series (example DS-2CE56C5T-IT1) is selectable output. A D5 series (example DS-2CE56D5T-IT3) is dual output.

C2 (720p) and D1 (1080p) series are TVI output only.


Now, you just need to follow Karas advice and "Market the cameras as "HighDef ready" or something like that." Avigilon and Hikvision working together!

In all seriousness, promoting those options makes a lot of sense, especially for professional applications with existing systems.

I'll admit I haven't really kept up with the current HDA stuff, it's possibly (and from your comment, highly likely) that this has already been in place in some cases.

Two things that, IMO, need to be done to make it truly effective:

1) Stop producing any CVBS-only cameras, EVERYTHING should have a high-def output standard. Obviously not every camera manufacturer will go for this, the top-level technology promoters would need to make it advantageous to do so. And there may be a lot of edge cases where customers want exact replacement models per contracts, but at this point I don't think there are too many analog hold-outs that are in much of a position to be picky about things.

2) Market this now. It should be upfront that everything being shipped is now "high def ready". For anyone still replacing analog cameras this could be an incentive for them to use your products. In about 2 years you can switch to a marketing campaign/promo claiming "You may already have high-def cameras in your system. If you've replaced a camera in the last 2 years, chances are it supports high-def mode. Click here to learn how to take advantage of this".

Bob, what is the resolution of the CVBS?

The C5 are 720TVL and the D5 are 600TVL. This is due to differences in the ISP


@Bob any idea when Hikvision will have TVI encoders?

FLIR has been selling dual output CVI and 960h for some time now.

FLIR Sales Manager