School Video System To Be Accessable To First Responders

Looking for someone who authored or responded to a bid that involved providing access to streaming video from schools by first responders? If so, how was this feature specified to the integrator (Examples or links would be great)?

I have seen several bids that just simply require software to be provided to the local police and programming for remote access. I would think this would become more common with fusion centers popping up. I have been talking to one city with a fusion center and I recommended MAS or Immix.

The bigger question is how does the police access the school surveillance system?

Are the police given VPN access to the school? Does each police vehicle have this set up? Do they load up the proprietary software for that school?

The projects that I have worked on are loading the proprietary software on a computer in the police station with VPN access. I haven't seen any mobile requests. I have had discussions on many others but nothing has been accomplised yet.

Thanks, Anthony!

That strikes me as the most straightforward logistical approach.

I am sure it would be 'cool' to have the officer on site pull it up on a mobile device but that is a lot more complex to implement.

As much as I'd like to have first responders access from their vehicles, it doesn't take long to imagine an emergency happening and the access not working because someone didn't have the right version of some proprietary app in their squad car. For now, we're going to focus on having access at dispatch and communication centers, and anything that ever makes it to a car is going to need to be some web based any-browser-could-access thing we've not really settled on yet.

...and then you need to consider what happens to your recorder in an emergency when 20 remote users choke it through simultaneous use.

i would suggest to the original poster that he specify that the system can be accessed remotely by X number of simultaneous users, including first responders, and the judge the responses on whether they have done it before or whether they could articulate plainly the issues involved.

Yes. I agree. In this case, not every officer will have this capability, certain command level folks, fusion center, and mobile command truck (already equipped with video). And we have specified a minimum number of concurrent users, particilarly during an emergency.

With Genetec Security Center we have a bunch of school district customers where the local municipality PD (county or citywide) was also using Genetec for their VMS and Genetec has a feature called Federation that allows the PD to still authenticate to their main Genetec system and then have a single sign on to the School District system. This single-sign-on can be set to only be available in a crisis situation, or only to specific cameras/doors/etc. Through the Federation connection they can also receive door-propped or door-forced alarms after hours, but they dont have any configuration rights, just read only-viewing rights. This generally makes the School District board of education and teachers unions happy.

Two of the six pre-approved integrators are pitching Genetec. Others include Johnson Controls, Exacq Video, Lenel and Avigilon.

Johnson Controls VMS? Which one?

Im sorry, they are using Milestone for the VMS