Stratis Software For Schlage

I have heard about this software, but I cannot find any data on it. If there are any members that know anything about this, I would appreciate hearing what you know. It is access control software for their multifamily locks. Supposedly it takes the place of the Express Software.

In the old days 'Stratus' was the name given to a particular style family. Could you mean Schlage NDE/Engage by chance?

Mark, are you referring to the software where you use the handheld (HHD) for programing and receiving history from an offline lock?

I thought so yes Jon. But as it turns out, my intel was a little off. The product is actually spelled Stratis (Stratis EMS) written by a company called Bulogics out of Pa. They have nothing to do with Schlage, but have incorporated the Schlage wireless lock protocol into their software; a real boom for Schlage since their software leaves much to be desired. Stratis is far smoother and tailored for Multifamily developers. It is actually pretty good stuff but does not center around security in the traditional sense. It is a far more efficient and thoughtful version of Control 4. As far as I can tell, it is how one might manage locks in a multifamily development, but has no video or intercom interface. The one thing it appears to do well is manage the locks. The Schlage reps I know (very few) walk around talking about it like they invented it. But they are reaping the benefits regardless.

Mark, thanks for sharing. I updated the title to clarify.