Axis Anti-H.265 Document Uncovered

Has anyone else come across this Axis polemic on h.265/HEVC, from October? Looking a bit ragged, and possibly unfinished, it looks like a slide deck designed for dealers only, apparently designed to counter any expected questions about why Axis may be lagging on h.265 implementation.

Titled: About h.265/HEVC - Things you should know about the new encoding

Do you... ... believe in everything you read? ... think it will come for free? ... trust in our expertise to explain this a little bit more in detail?

These are some of the slides which outline the problems Axis sees in adoption:

Each one of the problems is fleshed out with further arguments imbued with a snarky pretention that is unlike the typical Axis fodder.

And finally ending with a 'prediction' about h.265's compression performance.

There's a good deal more in the deck, and interestingly, no explicit mention of Zipstream, though it does mention how h.264 can still be improved.


That's a fascinating deck, thanks for sharing. It's definitely not Axis' typical style, which is to pretend competitors do not exist. Because of that, I am guessing that was not meant for public release.

The points though are solid and the explanation of the impact of noise is especially interesting. This is something we've tested on Testing Bandwidth vs Low Light.

Since it is from 9/2014 (see the file naming), that would explain why Zipstream was not mentioned.