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Sandy Springs To Be Appealed Again... Can Cost Dealers Net Worth.

The Sandy Springs Alarm Ordinance is under appeal, again, as of 8/2020. Some of us believe this current action is in support of self-serving job security for the ailing alarm association, SIAC, and dozens of the third-party monitoring firms with broken business models that monitor millions of impacted customer systems. Unfortunately, the consequences of another appeal can halt decades of progress and the lifetime net worth of thousands of independent alarm companies. Remember, the problem here and industry-wide is not “false alarms”, it is the unnecessary and unlawful use of public resources for private purposes…. creating a sequence of deceptive events. We believe SIAC and its big donors, know the court opinions have been correct, because of same legislation is court tested and operational in other cities…. Sandy Springs is not the first. Their motive could be to “disrupt and delay” the trend of low priority, or no priority site-response for remote-monitored deterrent systems, which is gaining momentum following the current pandemic and social unrest. All not lost. Hopefully, the alarm association PPVAR will stand tall.

Source: Lee Jones; Support Services Group

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