Samsung Wisenet Q Series - Fixed Lens Disadvantage?

I had attended Samsung training recently . In their brochure they have mentioned wise net Q series cameras ...but they have fixed lens . I think this fixed lens is one disadvantage.

[UPDATE: Hanwha employee clarifies / confirms that varifocal lens options are coming for the Q series.]

Fixed lenses have their time and place. Especially in the wide angle ranges, where you are trying to cover a small area with a single camera. It isn't likely that you will need any zoom there, so the added expense of a varifocal lens is unnecessary.

For me, varifocals are worth paying for, since I like the FOV to be as tight as possible. Sometimes, it's nice to cut a very fine line where a shadow falls, esp. if you don't have good WDR.

How often do you get the request to "see a little more" from a client, even after they have signed off?

If they ask for a different shot, then I politely ask for a change add order for the additional cost. That is usually the end of it. :)

1, Samsung, like every major provider, has other offerings that support varifocal lenses. Varifocal lenses tend to be better for professional installs, as they allow easy on site adjustment. Of course, on the other hand, they cost more than equivalent fixed lens models.

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So fixed lenses are unprofessional?

Certainly they are a bit wasteful, no?

Having only a 2.8mm, a 4mm and a 6mm option (as opposed to a 2.8-6mm varifocal) can effectively turn a 4 MP camera into a 3MP (worst case).

The Q series is slated to have varifocal lens models in outdoor bullet, vandal dome and indoor dome, in both the 4Mp and 2Mp. Either they forgot to mention that in the training, or they may have skipped it, as those models are shipping a little bit after the fixed lens models.