Samsung Sans Techwin?

You might have thought that the Samsung Group sold off all its CCTV interests when it allowed Hanwha to purchase a controlling interest in Samsung Techwin.

But apparently, there is another Samsung Security Group, called S-1, with operations in both Korea and Europe.

Does anybody know anything about them?

Looks like S-1 is just an integrator, as far as CCTV is concerned. Here are the brands they partner with: BOSCH, SONY, Honeywell, SYNETICS, Panasonic, IDIS, PELCO, Hanwha Techwin

Don't care what is happening but if you don't have a support team you might as well hang it up and save everybody the trouble. Try calling tech support. You will get an endless loop of how busy their phone lines are but I just don't think anybody is really there or just one guy eating a sandwich at his desk with 40 lines lit up. I hung up on 2 separate occasions after 30+minutes.

It took me six calls over two days to get through to Dell sales in order to place an purchase for a new server for a project. Nobody mans phones anymore.

Samsung S-1 is a company mainly doing manned guarding and asset management just like ADT, Securitas etc. They don't manufacture CCTV products but do system integration.


Do they rebrand cameras as Samsung?

Here is a list of brands they integrate:

BOSCH, SONY, Honeywell, SYNETICS, Panasonic, IDIS, PELCO, Hanwha Techwin

So, I would say they do not relabel as Samsung.

So if they don't relabel, then who made this camera, deployed in Korea?

This is from Dec 2015 wired magazine. Maybe old Samsung Techwin?

That image was taken on 7/7/2014, well before the Hanwha buyout.

According to this, S-1 was given to Techwin in 2010, so I would imagine whatever they are doing it's as Hanwha today.