Samsung NVR Experience

Anyone have any experience with Samsung's NVRs, specifically the higher end SRN-4000 or SRN-1000? Any problems with setup? How has the long term reliability been?

I work for Samsung. For the SRN-4000 make sure the firmware is up to date - v2.00 or later. This allows you to connect cameras and viewer to the same network. Previous firmware required 2 seperate networks.

NVR can discover cameras for easy setup.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'll let others discuss their experiences.


Do Arecont 180 or 360 cameras work with the SRN-1000

Thanks for 'letting us' discuss our experiences!

Do Arecont 180 or 360 cameras work with the SRN-4000?

As long as they are ONVIF, you can register them to the SRN-4000. If it is a multi-imager camera, you will need to register each sensor as a separate "camera" stream in the NVR.

If you have an Arecont camera Internet accessible, I am happy to try it out and let you know.