Samsung Hires Former Axis Directors

Over the last year, many have noted that Axis has stepped up its sales and marketing efforts. Now, Samsung has gone further, hiring 2 former Axis directors into key roles.

Interesting moves, not only in that they show Samsung is willing to pay a premium for bigger names with larger rolodexes, but because Samsung is a threat to Axis - given its large brand, and improving products (see our Samsung Wisenet III test).

... and whose department was the source of one of John's favorite marketing programs: The Axis Corruption Cruise Returns

It might be a good time to sign up with Samsung A&E program.

A company's fortune is not written by a few individuals working for an organisation. Axis's corporate culture has, with slight modifications, been resilient for 2 decades disregardless of the market they were in, let it be print server, storage servers or IP surveillance and also flexible enough to manage the tremendous growth over the past 10-15 years. Having said that I think Samsung is a good company, with loads of cash and ambition and a serious alternative on the IP video market.

For sure, this is not the end of Axis. Just an interesting current event / news item - more so for what Samsung is trying to do than any problem for Axis.

Axis challenge is certainly more about product positioning, especially the rapid expansion of low cost alternatives (like Samsung), than it is about any few employees.

Jack is a great guy and knows his wayaround the A and E market. Samsung will give Jack the stability and buget to really make waves. I hope to see his handiwork soon.

Hi John, To be totally accurate I want to state that Jumbi was employed at Next Level and Jack at Verint when they were hired by Samsung. Enjoy reading your blog. Frank

Update: both of these employees have left Samsung this year as well as their boss, Frank De Fina.