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Samsung Camera Local Storage Problem

I think I'm about to stab myself in the eye working with this SNP-5300H.

So we wanted to do an on site demo of this camera to see how it's night time behaviour is.

I thought, "Hey, it can have an SD mounted, lets use that". So I got the SD card in and then I started to configure the camera.
Silly me, thinking it would prolly be the same as any other camera, I put the SD card recording on, and then put the timeschedule on always, and 'Overwrite' on, and expected to work. There were some other settings which didn't make sense (pre-alarm on continued recording ?) but didn't gave it much thought. I tried to see if it was recording, but for some reason, everytime I open up the recording tab on IE, it crashes. And this lovely feature doesn't seem to work on Chrome or Firefox as I get a lovely message saying it only works on IE.

So there I made my first mistake, didn't check it enough to see it's working. Totally my mistake.

So the next day we pulled the lovely SD card to see how the recordings were, and there were none.... Apparently you need to specify the 'Normal' state to define WHAT you want to record. The logic behind the fact that this feature can have the value 'none' eludes me, but ok. My fault for not checking the manual enough or the recordings.

So we give it another go. Get the SD card in and put the Normal state on I-frame. Check it again, and after allot of crashes and not working timebars we finally get to see some blue'ish on the bar and I see the free GB's on the SD menu slowly diminish. Yay, it's working.

Then I come back the next day expecting some amazing results. It might have some crap ass webconfigurator, but I've always been a fan of the camera his image quality. But as you might already sense, something went wrong. Apparently I only got 5gb of video of an entire day of recording. That's not right... I'll see in the office what's wrong. I check the logs and it says 'SD database error'. "Oh god" is my thought. So after 4 hours of painstaking fiddling around I can't get the recordings of the bleeming thing. God knows what happens, but I'm ready to throw this dome out of the window......

You must be using the 128GB SD card I bet...

their sales reps say those should work fine.