Samsung Brand Still In Limbo 6 Months Later

As soon as it became public that Samsung was selling off its stake in their video surveillance division (part of Techwin), the US Samsung surveillance team went to work assuring dealers that the brand was not going to change and that IPVM's questioning of that was wrong.

Now, Samsung North America's VP of Sales admitted to us that this is still in process, despite it being 6 months later.

Indeed, BusinessKorea is reporting that "Samsung Techwin will complete the “big deal” by changing its name to Hanwha Techwin and naming its new appointed director at the shareholders meeting on June 29."

Now, hopefully for Techwin surveillance, they include some agreement to continue to use the Samsung brand even if the company name is changed.

A key lesson here is to be careful what manufacturer sales people say, especially when (1) the decision is far removed from their direct control and when (2) they have a huge incentive to promote the most optimistic scenario.

[UPDATE: The corporate Samsung Techwin is no more, replaced by Hanwha Techwin. However, Samsung Techwin America says the subsidiaries can keep using the Samsung brand. See: Samsung Techwin Now Hanwha, Overseas To 'Remain Intact']

I am interested to know if the sale of Samsung Techwin has caused anyone that had planned on purchasing Samsung rethink that. We began deploying Samsung Cameras prior to the sell off and when this was made public I must admit I was a bit skeptical. We are in the middle of a large project and are proceeding with Samsung Cameras, but I would be lying if I did not say that the whole ordeal is scary to me for long term support and the direction of the security/surveillance business.