Samsung Access Reader Experience?

They look nice, but do they work well?

The new SSA line does not appear to be HID licensed, but they work with Wiegand and ISO 14443 Type A formats.

I did some spot check on pricing, and they are high compared to typical offsets, ie: ~$450 for the basic contactless card reader model (sans keypad or fingerprint reader). For comparison, an HID R10 meeting the same basic spec sells for ~$200.

With a brushed stainless appearance and black face, they don't look like a 'typical' reader, and might be a compelling option where aesthetics matter.

Does anyone have firsthand experience?

They output Wiegand. Why would you need an HID license?

Because 'wiegand' is akin to RTSP in many ways.

Aspects like encryption and large dataset transfers frequently cannot be met by wiegand alone.

Reader manufacturers must 'buy-in' to HIDs license schema to ensure interoperability with iClass credentials, for example.