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Salient Systems VMS Vs Video Insight

I think they were showing off a beta of v5 at ISC West. Does anyone know what makes it special? I am considering sticking with Video Insight, but my mind can be changed.

Anyone? I figured someone would have an opinion.


We received a response from Salient regarding availability:

The new version is not yet released.  We’ve had it out in a few environments and around our company as an early beta.  We’re moving to a formal beta phase with a larger cross section of our current customer base starting middle of next month.

From there we plan to be in beta testing for 6-8 weeks and release around mid-September.  Of course, those time frames may change depending on feedback from the beta, etc.

We have been following up with Salient regarding this release for a few months, and plan to test it when it is available.

We have also asked what the main benefits of the new release are expected, and will post their response here.



 Salient response regarding new version updates:

As compared to the current version of CompleteView:

  1. We’ve completely revamped the user interfaces.  The GUI is more modern.  We’ve focused on ease of use during the design, as well.
  2. Client applications have been consolidated.  There is a single Desktop client, Mobile Client and Web Client.  Previously there had been several desktop clients for users as well as for configuring / managing various parts of the system.
  3. We’ve introduced a management server.  The management server is the repository for all system and user configuration and central point of authentication services for the system.  With the configuration centralized, some redundant elements of system configuration have been reduced.  Furthermore, config settings can be set across multiple servers simultaneously.  Some user configuration can also be reduced dramatically.  For instance we’ve introduced the concept of ‘universal views’.  A view layout is configured once and appears for a user regardless of whether they’re using the mobile, desktop or web client.

With respect to CompleteView’s differentiators in the marketplace, the ones that tend to stand out the most include:

  • Dynamic resolution scaling.  The net result is a dramatic reduction in bandwidth consumption when streaming video from NVRs to clients.  We do this by scaling video for the client display at the NVR before streaming the video over the network. 
    Basically we move all the scaling and cropping options (cropping for digital PTZ) to the server instead of having those on the client.
  • Some of our management functions.  CV, like other VMS’es that scale, has a variety of health monitoring and central management functions.  One of those which has largely been unique (although more recently I am aware of at least another major competitor which does this) is the ability to push software updates to multiple NVRs simultaneously.  The clients will also update the next time they log in.  This makes staying current very easy for larger deployments.

There’s a variety of other smaller or more use-case specific differentiators, but those are the most universal.

Our organization currently uses / sells / installs and manages Salient Systems VMS software, Complete View for our clients. My experience with Salient mostly involves the current version of Complete View, however I have been though the V5 software in-depth. Our installs have consisted of new IP based cameras, IP and Analog Mix, and analog only . . . . as well as Name Brand Cams (Samsung / Axis ) and a who's who of ancient cams that the client didn't want to replace. 

Now that the backstory is out of the way, I'll provide my opinion on Salient and V5. First off, Salient has been GREAT to work with! Their customer service and technical support have been very helpful, and most importantly they answer the phones promptly. I can't say that they have always known the answers to some of our more in-depth questions, but they always get back to us. I have had members of their staff, including and engineer out to our facility a couple of times. These visits included some training by the engineer (for an ongoing issue that turned out to be a crazy off brand camera), as well as for sales related events. These guys have always been helpful, well dressed, knowledgeable, and are willing to do what it takes to make your organization succeed in the VMS world. 

V5 - If you had any experience with the current iteration of CompleteView, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say that it was "at best" weird to use from an administration standpoint. The current UI, as well as the implementation process becomes underwhelming compared to some of the more modern VMS Software platforms.  Where I have always felt that CompleteView has the edge (other than the paragraph above), is the work-ability and compatibility of the software as well as the LDAP functionality. It can be some of the easiest to configure and "lock-down" based on client need, and it is not at all cumbersome / taxing for whatever hardware you install it on (provided that you do your due diligence in sizing the server from the start).  Where V5 improves all of this by taking the 4 or 5 different modules and combining them into a single pane of glass. Setup and configuration is still a similar process as before, but the streamlining of the software means that you don't have to jump from the Admin Console into the Viewer and back again just to make configuration changes. *Sean also outlined many of the improvements in the software.* So if you haven't read his post, i would encourage you to do so. I have also been waiting for the Management Server and Universal Views enhancements. 


Hope this provides a bit of context.