Visiotech Safire HTVR6208FH-A - Hikvision OEM? RTSP Stream?

This seems like a HikVision OEM - HTVR6208FH-A, so I was wondering does the HikVision RTSP syntax works on this one?


More here.

Thanks. I tried it doesn't work on the DVR. Maybe it's for their IP cam.

Have you tried RTSP://ucast/11

I wasn't aware of this syntax. Do you mean rtsp://IP_address/ucast/11 ?? I'll give it a try.

Yes, I saw it here.

Unfortunately no dice. :(

The reason I think Safire is HikVision OEM is:

(1) It is HD-TVI.

(2) The reply I got from Safire provide the same RTSP syntax as HikVision's.

But unfortunately HikVision's RTSP doesn't work in my case(the Safire HTVR6208FH-A), that's why I asked in this forum to see if anyone knows.

So can you connect to the DVR from a PC client?

Do you know how to use Wireshark?

Hi, I'm novice at wireshark. Could you please elaborate how to use Wireshark to get RTSP stream info? Thanks.

Its HIKVISION OEM but with login encryption.

Login encryption only affect iVMS and web access. Hikvision iVMS can not login to this device, you need OEM iVMS.

Via RTSP should work fine because.

Can you see RTSP video using VLC?

RTSP should work fine...

He's trying RTSP and it's not working, no?

Unfortunately using HikVision's RTSP syntax doesn't get any RTSP video streams. So no video in VLC.

I tried and found out the RTSP syntax is:


where X is channel number and Y is for main/sub stream.

So it needs the "Unicast"? How did you figure it out?

I found that ONVIF device manager will indicate the RTSP sytnax when connected and so it helped me out :)