S5 Security Robot Wins Tech Tank At ISC East

One product that generated quite a bit of buzz at ISC East was the S5 security robot. Billed as the world’s first outdoor, all terrain security robot, it is an unmanned ground vehicle that follows a preprogrammed path and streams video from a mounted PTZ back to an operator. The UGV includes onboard video data analysis that allows it to navigate a path while detecting and avoiding obstacles.

Upon detecting an unfamiliar target, the UGV stops moving along its preprogrammed path and selects the optimal path to target. When using multiple UGVs on a single site (the client software allows a remote operator to control up to 8), the system uses swarm intelligence to map the optimal target interception pathway. For example, one UGV can move to intercept and confront the target while another moves into position to capture unobstructed video of the encounter. Video is transmitted to the operator, who then decides if the target is authorized or an intruder. If the target is identified as authorized, the video and still images of the target is added to a whitelist database. If the target is identified as an intruder, the UGVs will continue to shadow the intruder until a human operator responds. At ISC East, we were told that the onboard battery has a 20-hour capacity.

Flock Free, a company based in central New Jersey, is currently leasing customized versions of the S5. Costs are between $2,500 and $4,000 per month, which includes maintenance, setup, trainings, and upgrades. Leases are available in 1 year and 3 year terms. Flock Free will create a customized package based on the needs of their customers. Options include thermal cameras, license plate recognition, custom camera pole heights.

The S5 would seem to be an ideal force multiplier for large campus security. $2,500 for a month is more expensive than the average unarmed security officer, but the average unarmed security officer cannot patrol constantly without rest either.

We are working on publishing a full post. Any feedback or questions, let us know.

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