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Is there progress is being able to get email alerts when new discussion topics are created? Thanks.

Luis, it's moving now to the top of the queue. We spent a few weeks building out the back end for course registration and management. We are done with that are now optimizing the mobile version of the site, including discussions (which we just rolled out this morning)

I suspect we'll be able to implement the auto-subscribe feature in the next 2 weeks. I've set it up so that there are options to get alerts for both new discussions and posts.

Thanks for bringing this up!

[UPDATE: Email alerts are active.]

You're welcome. I just get so wrapped up in other things then I come backa week later and see all the new discussions and I feel so disconnected and left out.... kind of like gym class in elementary.

This is officially the saddest comment on iPVM Discussions so far.


How to search the discussions, I posted a new discussion and I want to follow it, since one hour I'm not able to find my post.


Sayed Omar

Sayed, do you recall the name or topic of your discussion? I can't find it. Our site search (at the top right corner of every page) searches discussions (as well as all IPVM articles).

In the near future, we will add a discussions only search option.

Also, I think it's worthwhile to display a list of all discussions one has started on the member's page so that each person can better track their topics. I'll add that to the list.

Thanks John, adding the feature you mentioned of tracking the topics and discussions by the member's name or page would be very helpfull, thanks again for all your efforts and improvments.

John what does the envelope to the left of some of discussion headinh mean? Thanks in advance.

It means a discussion that you have commented on has had follow up comments since your last comment.

My personal preferance is links in discussions open new tabs instead of taking the discussion tab to the linked page. Others of course may weigh in.

Yes, that is our standard. I apologize for any links that do not open new tabs. We'll look to fix.

Seems often IPVM Discussion related emails are ending up in my SPAM folder. I tell my email client to permit emails from the domain, but it seems it's looking at the originating domain which is some vaiation of ***.***.mandrillapp.com. So if you, for instance, you tell your program to allow the domain in one of the emails, it will whitelist that domain next time, but a new of variation of the domain will be caught by the filter. I'll try allowing wild cars such as @*.*.mandrillapp.com in the whitelist, but not sure how easy this would be to resolve on the IPVM side.

Luis, sorry about that. This is a little tricky. We've been having some issues with multiple providers over the last few months. I think it's that receiving email servers are getting stricter because our spam rates are extremely low.

We can switch to using a dedicated domain for IPVM but when we did that before, quite a number of people had issues because it was an 'untested' / 'new' domain as an email sender.

The challenge is - I am not sure what to do for a universal fix.

It sounds like it's a problem at Mandrillapp (which as I understand is a device of MailChimp). If they don't police their clients and let a bunch of spammers (I mean the Viagra type) use their service, everyone suffers.

What they should do is when they send IPVM emails, they should be sent indicating the client name in the DNS name, like *@ipvm.mandrillapp.com. instead of some random @<host name>.mandillapp.com. That might help on the SPAM filters, though if a lot of SPAM is coming from the mail servers IP address, the IP address might get black listed regardless of what the DNS name is.

It's not just Mailchimp, we have seen similar issues with Sendgrid and Constant Contact. It was even worse when we used our own domain, not because we had any real spam issues, but because the domain had no previous history.

Overall, it's not a huge problem but when you are emailing 32,000+ people, even if 1% have problems, that's over 300.

I am not sure how to solve this. The issue is definitely better overall with Mailchhimp than Sendgrid but obviously it is no 100%.

Hi my name is gary i work for a great and small intagrator in california and i need more training on ip camera"s

Gary, have you seen / read our IP Camera Training Handbook? I recommend starting there.

Sharing limited excerpts of IPVM content is allowed under the 'fair use' doctrine.

John, just curious, considering that IPVM's sharing is limited to excerpts only to the degree allowed by law, what is the intention behind the prominently displayed entreatment "<Member Name> E-mail this to:". ?

1. To send to one's alternate email for later reading or as a form of bookmarking

2. To send to other members as a way to alert them to an article's publication

3. For occasional distribution to qualified non-member associates as a teaser

4. For use only if article is declared to be sharable, i.e. not Pro

5. Vestigal remains of a previous incarnation of the site when content was less restricted and talk was cheap

6. Doesn't email, actually redirects to U.S. Library of Congess, Office of Copyright Enforcement Division :)


If it is a member's email address, it sends a fully copy of the article. If it is a non-member, it just sends the first paragraph.

Unanticipated and elegant!

Don't know if you're aware, but sometimes there are font size issues in article and the forums; some lines come out in irregular sizes. I've seen it both in Firefox and IE. I can post or send an example if you want.

Does anyone have any experiance using a RainX type product to reduce camera's from fogging up on the exterior?


We have a couple of discussions on rain coatings: here and here.


This really is the best site around for discussions. Bullseye John! Hate them ones where everbody automatically includes everybody elses quotes, til you cant make hide nor hair out of it!

if there were two improvements i could offer it would be:

Make the mail notification say who the post is a reply to. Sometimes on short replies its like 'you talkin to me?'

make the articles start to show up on as a discussion as soon as somebody comments on them.

the home page comment list is delayed and doesnt say who posted last.

Agree: 1


What a resource you offer. What our business would be without it - and you keep it interesting and fun.