Rove-Tech MURS Communication System

Good afternoon. I'm looking for input on the Rove-Tech MURS Communication System. Have any of you deployed these products before? What was your experience? Do any of you know of alternative solutions similar to this?

The application is one where communication in a below ground parking garage is essentially non-existent. Cellular signals simply can't penetrate through the building structure. Considering the building layout, and the costs associated with getting a hardwired infrastructure in place, we have been considering a wireless communication system that utylizes a low frequency signal.

Any input or experiences that you could share would be greatly appreciated.

Interesting find. Here is the product webpage: Rove-Tech MURS comm system

Usually MURS band gear is for long ranges. It is common to find MURS band two way radios (ie: walkie talkies) where the range needs to be 1 -5 miles, rather than a few hundred feet of 900 MHz gear. (Repeaters can greatly expand that range. MURS have no repeaters.)

As a background, MURS was opened for unlicensed use by the FCC since 2000.

With that said, you'll likely get better non-line of sight/penetration results with MURS than you would WiFi (151.xx MHz vs 2.4 or 5.x GHz respectively) but it still isn't a guarantee.

Is it possible to mount a transceiver outside the shell of the garage rather than try to blast through it?