Router Configuration

I always use 4520-4524 & 81 & 554 ports for the router configuration for live viewing

So is it necessary to configure the ports 4520-4524 as UDP always & 81 to always as TCP & 554 as TCP always. or can i configure the above ports to always TCP/UDP irrespective of ports iam using ..

What VMS / NVR / brand are you using? Ports 4520-4524 are unassigned so it's likely that opening them or not is related to what brand of product you are using? e.g., Samsung lists using 4520-4524.

i am using samsung DVR

just i want to know whether is it allowed to use any ports as TCP/UDP or is it necessary to specify TCP ports as TCP only and UDP ports as UDP only.

TCP and UDP ports are independent of each other. So using the combined TCP/UDP option on a firewall config is the same as making two rules - one for TCP and one for UDP.

Your DVR is going to ignore network traffic on ports that it is not listening to, however you are exposing extra ports to the Internet. Best practice on firewalls is to only setup the port forwarding you need.

The protocol used for each port is specific to your DVR/NVR's services. If the DVR/NVR uses TCP for a given port, you have to allow TCP at minimum. You can choose to allow TCP and UDP for that given port, but the UDP protocol won't be used, unless the DVR/NVR has a service that allows that protocol. Adding additional protocols than needed is kind of useless and sloppy. There is no reason to do so, other than you can be lazy and don't have to keep track of what is really needed.

By default, Samsung DVRs use the following ports:

Port 80 TCP

Port 443 TCP is also used when SSL is enabled

Ports 4520 - 4524 TCP

You can change the ports as needed, or use UDP protocol, which is set to 8000 - 8160 by default.

As indicated above, you can set most routers to Both TCP & UDP for convienience, but you can simply just forward the needed ports and protocols.