RJ11 To USB Converter

Our client has an older access control system and it appears it uses an RJ11 to USB converter. The computer with the software crashed and the IT department replaced the computer, and could not get this device to work. The manager told me it has been about 2 months since they programmed a card, so its possible the device stopped working before the computer crashed.

Their other access control provider basically told them the system is ancient, and they would no longer support it.

Kind of hard to imagine replacing the system because of a small converter, if the rest of the system is fine.

The manufacturer of the Access Control device is ieib.com or now Nortek.

Any thoughts if I can replace this device with a basic USB to RJ11 cable?

That terminal is labeled as "To RJ11 jack" on the door schematics. But why 5 wires for RJ11?

After actually looking at these pictures, is it possible that is a USB to RS232 connection?

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