RJ-45 Plugs - What Brand Is Best?

I am currently using Platinum for a while and I just don't like that they tend to sit loose in the jack. Any recommendations?

I like the ez rj45 plug. Saves a lot of time.

I've looked at those... talked to a couple guys who swear by them, and a couple others who swear at them. Seems the cutter blade tends to dull rather quickly and the wires don't get trimmed properly.

It's been awhile since I've shopped for modular plugs, but I used to pretty much exclusively use Ideal. They have Cat 5e and Cat 6 rated plugs and just always seemed to work better than cheap ones.

I also used some of Leviton's plugs, since that was who we were selling for other cabling components. They were very similar, but a little bit more expensive if I remember correctly.

I also use the EZ RJ-45, it's fast and easy to, before you crimp you always can double check that the pairs are in the right order.. And when we use their shielded connectors we fold back the jacket and twist the drain wire around it then slide the connector over and crimp, soom may say this isn't right. The drain wires is supposed to be crimped in the little connector on the conventional plugs, they are both crimped to the metal casing of the RJ-45 it's tight and it always passes.

Your right that they set loose, on cat-5e but on cat-6e and cat-5e with shield and drain they are tight. All are installs are cat-6e Indoors and cat-5e shielded with drain as most of the cameras we do are outdoors.

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Don't miss the Drain

I have installed thousands of the Platinum EZRJ45 connectors with no problems. You can buy replacement blades if they dull for a few bucks but you can do hundreds before you need to change the blade. I'm not sure why people would swear at them. All my techs use them.

I have used them in the past, and still do, however if the conductors are not trimmed properly (and the camera is powered through PoE) it is possible for the camera/switch to short out.

I have had issues with EZ connectors where we have blown out injectors because a tech used a dull cutter blade to terminate connector and the exposed copper conductors shorted out against the body of the camera.

I'm not saying the wire slips out... I'm saying that the actual plug doesn't really stay plugged in well.

I would agree. I have seen that happen in that the connector doesn't positively snap into the jack. It has been a rare occurrence and I have just put a new one on in that situation.

I bought a packet of these things by mistake once... had to trim the wire ends manually with flush cutters and a knife. I found if the wires weren't trimmed COMPLETELY FLUSH with the end of the jack, even if one little nib of jacket was still hanging out, the plug wouldn't seat properly.

Of course, if the cutter is going dull on your crimper, this could lead to just such an issue. Could be why guys swear at them - how many times do you get this happening before you realize it's time to replace the blade?

So in a timely coincidence, I needed to reterminate a cable yesterday and the only connector I had was an EZ, but I don't have the crimper. I trimmed them with a flush cutter and it's worked fine, though. I could get used to them, probably, but I still don't prefer them.