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RG6 To Fiber Converter


My request is an odd one. We need to bridge a span of 200 meters ( about 700 feet). We have a fiber switch in place already. We could install fiber rather easily but there is a very clean and weill installed copper, RG6 cable plant. Our customer would like to use these cables rather than having to pull new (more expensive too) fiberoptics cable.

We did easily find Coax to Ethernt converter even at Gigabit speeds. We haven't been able to find RG-6 Coax to fiber converters. Of course there are such for video and we do think that they should work for Ethernet data ... Rather than suppsoing we would like to ask the collective if you have any expereince with such...

Fiber Optics Data on both side RG-6 or 59 in the middle... Transceivers .

We thank you in adavance

O.T. I got great help from the collective already on other projects

That's going to be a tough one to find, never seen that exact combo.

The security-oriented coax to fiber units would NOT work for IP, those are basically analog to analog converters.

Your fiber switch doesn't have any copper ports, or GBIC ports for a copper adapter?

Comnet can do it. They have an SFP which converts to Ethernet over copper. It's used for extending Ethernet over UTP, but there's an RJ45 to BNC adapter, as well. Pair that with the appropriate fiber SFP, plug both into this SFP switch, and you're there. I haven't seen a two SFP port media converter, but they may be out there.

That being said, this is likely about an $800-900 USD proposition per end. It may be less expensive to get an EoC adapter and fiber media converter for each end, though it's multiple pieces of equipment.

We have employed Comnet devices for this purpose.  I think we also have another manufacturer's product as well doing extended Ethernet with PoE (about a 1500-foot run).

Several years ago it seems like we were using some IFS (or perhaps GE) coax to fiber converters.  I cannot find one now, but I know we have analog cameras brought back to the head end via fiber.  

Our Comnet devices have BNC connectors.  Coax cable ends are relatively quick, easy, and inexpensive to swap to whatever you need.  There are also adapters from F-conn to BNC, but I would recommend just changing the cable ends rather than using adapters.  Probably would cost about the same, as the adapters' per-unit cost is usually a little higher than a regular connector.

For the Ethernet to fiber conversion from the Comnet unit, if your fiber switch uses SFP modules, you can use copper SFP modules.  They are available in gigabit speeds.  I have several in use on an IFS "fiber" switch.

Switch is a pure fiber, rather old switch. Thus my problem. We are discussing about using a new switch with SFP and use an Ethernet SFP on that end... The switch on the other side has Copper Giabit link so it is not much a problem ...