RFID Cards Which Work With Uhf(Long Range) Reader And Normal Card Reader (Mifare Or HID Based)

on one site, we have installed Long range Readers and normal card readers (which can support Promity & smartcard).so, customer wants a single card per user which works with Long range UHF reader @ gate and other card readers too.

is is possible? is there any card type available for same ?

Since they usually work on different frequencies, there will be few to choose from. I am sure there are others, but here is one that can with a UHF distance of 16'. There are going to be trade-off's when you combine two technologies on such a small surface.

You might be able to take a base UHF tag and stick an RFID token sticker onto it:

You might check with your badge/credential supplier to see what options are available.

Brian is correct. We did that recently and it worked well. Just remember to keep the sticker away from the card chip. The door reader will see both and do nothing.

We've had a lot of success with Tagmaster for long distance readers at gates.