Revolutionary Quantum Film Aims To Disrupt CMOS Sensor Technology

Just when CMOS beat out CCD for the sensor title comes a new technology called Quantum Film, from InVisage. Not only is it not silicon based, it's not even pixel based, being continuous like film. Some of the claims are:

  • 3 stops better WDR
  • Global shutter
  • Dynamic resolution.

“The launch of Quantum13 marks a new era for the smartphone camera industry,” said Jess Lee, CEO of InVisage. “For the first time, smartphones will capture images on an entirely new medium. Not silicon. Not film. QuantumFilm. We are thrilled to showcase the capabilities of Quantum13 to the richest and most vibrant ecosystem for smartphones. And we are delighted to share that several smartphone vendors have already adopted Quantum13 for upcoming release.”

Comparison video with CMOS