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Review Of NUUO

Has anyone used \ seen reviews on \ heard anything about NUUO ?
It was recommended to me to use in a control room. The reseller said that it is very configurable but much simpler to use than some of the bigger products like Milestone which he said would be overkill and very complicated to manage.

We would like to set up a control room to centrally monitor our customers Analog and IP Camera systems. We would probably force them to change DVR's or put in a PC if their systems are not compatable with our control room software.

We hope to eventually be managing 600+ camera's but it could take years to get to that number. We want to be able to generate events or to draw the operators eye to incidents such as movement of a human, fire etc. It must draw a block around a person if it spots one.

Any feedback?


In our limited experience with it, it was buggy and unstable. User interface was not that great either especially the exporting process. Cost is the only redeeming factor IMHO.

Two years ago had a customer review them. The major issue was they were limited to 64 cams per server as well as the aformentioned Client limitations.

As an integrator, we almost exclusively use Nuuo. Theres the odd other product we throw in if its a very small budget, but for the most part its been all Nuuo. Never had a major problem that could not be fixed, their support is awesome, I've always gotten very quick helpful answers. Were a very small integrator though and have stuck with that product line, so I can only comment directly on Nuuo and not how it compares to some of the larger systems such as Milestone

Thanks for the feedback. Nuuo's been pushing analytics recently. Have you used their analytics?

I have played around with some of it in earlier stages, but nothing recently.

The people counting analytics worked well if the camera was mounted in the proper position. I noticed if people walk in together, or in a small group it would have troubles counting properly. I would imagine this would be an issue on other systems as well.

The missing object detector was hit and miss, but in its defense, we were testing it with a 360 fisheye camera in our back shop. I would imagine that the analytics would have trouble with the dewarping. Just a guess though.

One thing that I have tried over and over again to get my hands on was an LPR trial license. But I keep being told by Nuuo that its not available in most regions in Canada, due to having different style license plates. I dont know how true that is, but Ive never been able to test it.

Other than that, I have not played around with the analytics. I would be more than happy to test if theres something specific you wanted tested though John

That's great, thanks. I just wanted to get a feel if they had made any huge advances. What you describe is reasonable and expected compared to other offerings out there. Thanks again!

We have a great experience with NUUO. Our system consists of aprox. 300 remote sites, each with some type of NUUO product: standalone NAS, hybrid NVR/DVR card or IP software. We also have a two control rooms to monitor all those remote sites in which we use NUUO CMS software with video wall option.

We had very few issues and their support was always great.